Visual Director for the Hinterland event launching the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.  The event took place in the ruined shell of Cardross Seminary, A modernist ruin of international importance that is set in a woodland west of Glasgow. The event used the ruin as a back drop for a performance piece of music, light, and projection.  photo credit © Alaisdair Smith
 Set design for the 2018 tour of singer and song writer Kathryn Joseph. “ A master class in gothic set design”.”a stunning exercise in stage design” review The Stage  photo credit © Louise Mather
 Concept and technical designer for the NVA project ‘Speed of Light’ that premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The event has since gone on to tour Japan and Germany.  The event involved 120 runners wearing bespoke light suits and 800 audience members with bespoke light sticks per night over a two week long run, creating a mesmerizing pattern on the Edinburgh Skyline.  The design role encompassed concept and technical design and manufacturing liaison of all the light suit and light stick production, and visual and experience design of the audience experience and infrastructure.  photo credit © Christian Nielinger
 Design of a range of seating with David Keech, installed in the National Theatre Bar in London. The design allows four chairs to be CNC routed from a single sheet of plywood and assembled with no glue or fixings. The seats are now made by the furniture manufacturer Unto this Last in Brick Lane, London.
 HALF LIFE was a major landscape work and the first co-production between The National Theatre of Scotland and renowned innovators NVA. Staged throughout the day and night in one of the world’s most significant prehistoric regions, HALF LIFE offered a physical and emotive experience which reveals the dark but inspiring mindset of Scotland’s early Neolithic inhabitants. getmade design was responsible for the concept and detail design of the performance structure for the Half Life project and in association with Simon Costin and Angus Farquar worked on the Permanent Landworks that were left as a legacy in the landscape to the project.
 Concept and Technical designer for NVA’s Ghost Peloton for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France.  For the Grand Depart of the Tour de France I was given the challenge to design and produce a lighting system that could attach to road racing bikes, be controlled remote, work in all weathers and at high speed. A major part of the work was studying the motion of the wheel and how we could express the speed and movement of a Peloton of cyclists travelling at speed at night. The project was a mass choreographed event that took place in the center of Leeds and also a film that has gone on to win numerous awards by the film director Mark Huskisson.  photo credit © Tim Smith
 Commission from the Forestry Commission to design a number of installations and shelter for the Near to Nature trail, Crinan, West Argyll. The decision was taken to use only materials sourced and found on the site and create designs that would slowly with time blend back into the forest.
 Lighting design for the 2018 performance ‘Lots and Not Lots’ created by Greg Sinclair for the Future Proof series of performances for the National Theatre of Scotland.  photo credit © Drew Farrell
 Detailed design and Prototype creation for a Solar Cooker for Sunstore Technologies. The Cooker stores the suns energy during the day and cooks after dark, each cooker is capable of feeding an extended family or small village.   credit © Stirling Howieson
 With expertise in the field of lighting we can accurately visualise lighting proposals, and work on major projects around the world. Also we visualise and clarifying design concepts for various clients in the world of fashion, art and architecture. We aim to bring initial ideas to visual life, the images quickly crystallise ideas for discussion, agreement or promotion of a project.  concept and visualisation © james johnson